Different Methods of Custom T-shirt Printing

Before you are set out to custom print a t-shirt, there are different methods of printing to choose from. Although we have common t-shirt printing methods namely heat press and screen printing, there are three other methods that we will shed light on in this article. A t-shirt printing business needs to have more printing methods so that customers are at liberty to choose the t-shirt printing method they want. If you want to keep customers long-term, they must get the right services they are looking for. They might even bring more customers to your t-shirt printing business if they are satisfied with the services received.

Today’s customers are savvier than those from before, they understand different methods of t-shirt printing and know which one lasts and which one can fade away in a few months. And lastly, they know which method is quality and expensive. You will notice with time that many customers desire a certain printing method over the others because of the quality and permanent prints it leaves onto the t-shirt.

For the success of your business use designs that people love using the most preferred method of custom t-shirt printing. The following are some of the major t-shirt printing methods that modern clients today prefer to use:

Screen printing

Screen printing (aka silk printing) is a common t-shirt printing method used by t-shirt printing professionals to date for a good reason – it is economical. For screen printing to work, you must have a stencil plus nylon material. The waterproof material prevents the negative space for the design. The negative space is permeable to absorb ink or dye. Screen printing is still one of the most preferred t-shirt printing methods today because it gives the exact designs and by the end of printing, your t-shirt should give an impressive look. Companies prefer to use this method for mass production of t-shirts because of its efficiency. But if you want multi-colour t-shirt printing it is possible but slows the production process by half. And the more the different colours, the more the printing process slows down, in a nutshell, screen printing is an ideal t-shirt printing method for single-coloured designs.


DTG (Direct-2-Garment)

This method of t-shirt printing is popular amongst hobbyists like screen printing. It is a lot easier to design on a computer and command it to print onto your t-shirt. Whatever designs you have on your computer are exactly, what you will see printed on your t-shirt is what you will see on the computer. If you are looking to print super complex designs or pictures onto t-shirts, DTG is the best option because it leaves the soft-touch finishes on the final products. After all, the printer uses special ink that does not create layers.


Dye sublimation

This method works right on lighter t-shirts, but in the end, customers get professionally done prints on their t-shirts. For better results, the artist must know dye sublimation and it is perfect for polyester materials. There is a special dye liquid that sublimes when exposed to heat and pressure.


Heat press

When you have a small order, a heat press is ideal because it is economical and saves a lot of time. The heat press is ideal for printing complex designs onto t-shirts.


Get a custom t shirt printing in Brisbane with any of these methods.