How to choose the MTB, the main differences to orient yourself in the purchase

The Mtb allows you to immerse yourself in nature, exploring trails and areas that are not accessible by road bike, giving you unique emotions and making good physical and recreational activities. If you are looking for your new Mtb , in this article we will help you in your choice by making more clarity among the many types on the market. 

The discipline of Mountain Biking in fact ranges from beaten dirt roads with modest elevation difficulties up to the Gravity disciplines, with various and numerous shades in between. Choosing a mountain bike can be more complicated than it sounds. The models and the characteristics of the mtb are numerous.

So what is the Mountain Bike for you?

 First of all we need to clarify the various types of routes that can be tackled:

  • Cross Country / XC : This term identifies the ring world cup tracks, but more commonly it is used to indicate routes that develop on dirt roads with a good and pedalable surface, with some sections of narrower and more technical path (single Track ). Classic excursions on cycle paths and routes, both flat and with more challenging gradients, can fall into this category.
  • All mountain / Trail : it is the type that best reflects the true idea of ​​Mtb. It is characterized by long excursions to remote places, on mountain paths immersed in nature and silence. The gradients faced begin to be more challenging, while the paths are narrower and more disconnected. An all-mountain MTB will allow you to ride a bike in places usually frequented by trekking lovers.
  • Enduro : remains the last “pedaled” discipline in the world of Mountain Bike. Compared to all-mountain the attention is focused on the descent, which becomes more technical and demanding, however the uphill sections remain important and long. It is the discipline of the moment.
  • Freeride / Downhill : Here are contained the “Gravity” disciplines, that is those disciplines that focus on entirely downhill routes, on technical and very demanding terrain.