How to Dress Professional and Chic for Work Everyday

As students enter the practical world driven by work they are met with the realization that uniforms are such a blessing. To decide what to wear the next morning is the most dreadful task. To nail an outfit everyday seems unreal but it really is doable. How to dress for work is a complicated phenomenon.  It is something in between various ranges of casual and of too formal. To understand how to crack this code is the answer to your worries. As it goes, dress to success, here are a few tips on how to dress professional and chic for work everyday.

Focus on the Combinations

Professional and chic work wear isn’t new pieces of clothing everyday. It’s easier than it appears to be. The right items, even a few, in the closet, intelligently collected can do the trick. You can play amongst the only two pairs of dress pants that you own and change in between shows and shirts/blouses. You can use a different belt and perhaps sport another piece of watch, statement rings etc.


Dressing up goes way beyond just bottoms and tops. It includes everything in between hair and shoes. Of course there is a certain code that is to be followed for workplaces. However this does not mean that you bore your workwear with the same pair of shoes/court shoes everyday. Keep a collection of statement pieces like cufflinks, tie pins, pocket squares, hair pieces, jewelry, bags and shoes. Complete your work wear with accessories. Keep in mind that you are aiming for the balance between extremes. Don’t go overboard all of a sudden. Keeping it professional and chic can only be achieved so. 

Never Up or Under the Mark

The key is to aim to maintain the balance everyday. You don’t want your dress to be too casual or even too fancy. The biggest impact it will have is on your productivity. If your productivity is reduced, it will result in the slow down of your progress and may even lead to failure. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, loafers and such mundane pieces of clothing do not fit formal work settings. This goes for work from home too. Casual clothing can induce laziness. Fancy clothing can also hinder you from using your best abilities at work. You need that right amount of comfort as well as practicality in terms of work wear. Following this approach, you can work with a professional and chic outfit everyday!

Not Too Loose Nor Too Fitted

Work wear should be such that is neither too loose nor too fitted. Loose clothing leans towards the casual side and workwear sydney should be such that speaks of the formality that is the nature of work itself. Fitted clothing too is impractical in work wear as it keeps you too stiff and constrained. You need to come get in tune with the work and this stiffness can hinder that. This impacts productivity and eventually becomes a determinant of your success.