Six Tips For The Best Logo Embroidery Designs

Nowadays, many businesses have embraced the use of logos in their marketing strategy so as to create an iconic symbol or phrase that will be adored by most potential clients and create a sense of loyalty. Logos can be embroidered in several things, including product packages, boxes, company vehicles, and even staff uniforms.

Therefore, as you plan to decide on a suitable logo that will be integrated into your business, you have to make sure that everything falls in its correct place.

Factors to consider

Here are six tips to get you started on selecting the best embroidery logo design:

  • Colour

With the digital transformation in place, you get hundreds of colours to choose from that will appear on your logo. However, you need to decide on primary colours that will represent your business outlook in the market. A few colours will save you money and time while embroidering logos because it means that the machine will be using a few stitches and there is no need for constant change of stitches due to colour change.

  • Boldness

A logo should be easily readable and recognisable from far. For businesses, this is a very important aspect to put into consideration because the main goal of having a logo is to attract clients. This then justifies the idea of having only a few colours to make it more readable and as simple as possible.

  • Size

Another crucial thing to keep in mind when designing your logo is the right size of the logo on the garment. Avoid too big of a logo because it will make it unattractive, and your potential customers will not be interested in your business. Similarly, having too small of a logo on your garment will make it invisible and clients will strain to see what it is representing. Therefore, you need to make sure that the company you approach for logo embroidery provides samples to its clients to help you find out the suitable size to use.

  • Avoid too much detail

While designing a logo, you should not have too much detail on it because it will lose its beauty. A good logo should only have 10% detail and the rest should be symbols.

  • Font

You should look for a font that is recognisable and the stitches can easily auto-generate it. this will save you time and energy that you would otherwise use when dealing with an unrecognised font.

  • Position

Lastly, you need to know the right position to put the logo be it on the garments, boxes, or products. The position should be clearly visible and be the first thing that will attract customers to that product.

How much does it cost for embroidery logo design?

You can get logo embroidery done, but the cost would depend on various factors. For instance, the size of the logo, the nature of the surface, the type of symbol, and the materials to use are the main factors that will determine the cost of the process.

Thus, you should settle for something simple that will not require much time and effort to produce. Also, simplicity makes the logo to be easily recognisable by people.

To find out more about the cost of a logo embroidery, you can visit the company’s website and find out the prices of different designs. You can also ask the support team whether you can get discounts when you need plenty of them.